Stainless Steel Mixed Length Drinking Straw Set for 10/20/30oz and Smoothie/Boba Tea


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Join the many that are taking the no plastic straw pledge. Cities such as Seattle have already banned the use of plastic straws from their restaurants and other retailers. One-time use plastic straws are a detriment to our health, our environment, and marine life. Single use plastic straws are often mistaken for food by wildlife and due to their small size and cylindrical shape, straws can cause suffocation and death to the animals. Single use plastic straws will also linger in our environment weIl past our generation, therefor impacting our future generations to come. 500 Million plastic straws are discarded everyday in the US alone. Thats 175 Billion a year that filter into landfills and litter our oceans and waterways. But we ALL can do something to help! Say no to plastic straws and help save the planet, the marine life and yourself one sip at a time with these reusable stainless steel straws.


Food grade stainless steel material (FDA approved).
Rounded edges for safety.
Straw Dimensions:

- 10oz: 7.7" Length * .2" Width

- 20oz: 8.8" Length * .2" Width

- 30oz: 10.5" * .2" Width

- Smoothie/Boba Tea: 7.7" Length * .4" Width
Environmental Friendly: Non-toxic, BPA free; reusable with no metal aftertaste. Comfortable &easy to use and clean.
Long-lasting Design: Unbreakable, anti-scratch, and rust resistant 18/8 stainless steel.

Included in your Cakra Ardor Linen Reusable Bag

4 Eco-Friendly Straight Reusable Stainless Steel Drinking Straws
1 Cleaning Brush

Note:Remember to wash the product carefully before use. Wash with dish soap and plenty of water, using cleaning brushes. * Be careful when dealing with hot drinks.

We hope you share in our passion and commitment to ourselves and help to elevate the imprint on our environment for generations to come. Remember to always cultivate your mind, body and spirit!

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